Over 40 Years of Achievements in Logistic Services

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HOC dates back to 1974 when Jack Hartwick, Dennis O’Shea and Steve Cartwright decided to combine their extensive industry experience to form a unique new customs brokerage and freight forwarding company.
freight forwarding toronto
freight forwarding company toronto

The business grew rapidly from its first operational start-up in Toronto and by the late 1970’s, HOC had managed to establish itself as a major Canadian trade service provider with branch ofices at key ports of entry throughout Ontario.

The organization continued to grow through the 1980’s, expanding its range of services and capabilities as well as its worldwide network of agents and affiliates. At the same time, the company initiated an extensive program to incorporate the latest advances in EDI technology and automation into all aspects of its operations.

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freight forwarding company
freight forwarding company

The 1990’s saw the development of the company as a truly cross-country firm, with the opening of offices in both Vancouver and Montreal, the addition of new border offices, as well as a number of strategic business acquisitions.

In early 2000, HOC began to make significant investment in China and other strategic Asian countries such as Korea, Vietnam and Thailand. The company now has nine HOC direct offices in China and a comprehensive network of partnerships in the region.

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